Join Newrl’s Incentivized Testnet and Earn Newrl Tokens!

2 min readSep 30, 2022


Newrl — A layer 1 chain to disrupt the entire community!

Feel like you missed the bitcoin mining bus? Here’s another chance to participate in a novel public blockchain project very early on!

A validator node on Newrl can earn as much as 500,000–750,000 Newrl Tokens in the 1st year and around 200,000–400,000 Newrl Tokens in the subsequent years. And it costs next to nothing to set up!

With a little bit of enterprise and some contribution to the Newrl community, these earnings can be yours. Newrl recently launched its incentivized testnet program (27th September) and it has gotten off to a rousing start. We now bring you the opportunity to earn Newrl Tokens by doing the bare minimum to become a part of this project.

What’s more, you can learn about web3 and blockchain firsthand and be a part of the exclusive “Newrl OG” group.

  • Follow the simple steps described here to set up a node on Newrl testnet — video description available here.
  • This gets you the “Newrl OG” token.
  • The OG token entitles you to request for the Newrl Foundation to stake on your behalf on the Newrl Mainnet for 3 months.
  • This would otherwise need an investment of about USD 5,000 (Rs. 4 Lakh). But being an OG token holder, you won’t need to buy Newrl tokens to stake.
  • What’s more, as you run a node in the early months of Newrl mainnet, your chances of being selected from subsequent block creation (and earning rewards) go up because of your novel proof of trust protocol.
  • Depending on the listing price of Newrl tokens during public sale, the Newrl tokens you earn for creating valid blocks could be worth over USD 2,500 in the first 3 months itself.
  • After the first 3 months, you will have enough Newrl tokens to stake for yourself anyway and you can keep the node running to earn even more rewards!
  • The Newrl OG token also gives you a chance to earn airdrops of Newrl and USDC tokens worth $1,000.

But hurry, the incentivized testnet runs only till end of Oct 2022!

Be an early bird and get the worm!

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