Newrl Mainnet Launch

2 min readOct 30, 2022


Newrl Testnet was launched on 27th October 2022 with an overwhelming creation of over 1000 nodes by people all over the world. All the Testnet participants eligible to receive OG tokens can stake on our Mainnet for free for the first 4 months. They will be facilitated to create a node as they possess prior knowledge of setting up and running a node.

The Official Newrl Mainnet will be launching on 31st October 2022. The event is aimed at not just the original Testnet participants but also all new users who can build a node on our Mainnet and earn rewards by being early participants. RT+ follow to win $50 1000+ nodes on Testnet. There will be Triple rewards for early stakers’ with more power in the hands of people.

  • There are 1000 validator notes well set up.
  • Requirements — Newrl Mainnet node requires no more than T3 medium on AWS or its equivalent.
  • Incentives — Early nodes get the triple benefit of less crowded space for block creation rewards in early days due to falling per block reward with time. Early joiners benefit more. Also, due to higher trust scores for early starters, they will be preferred for a crowded network.
  • Newrl aims at inclusion so the idea is to have users run the network themselves (real decentralization!) rather than have it concentrated in the hands of a select few validators.

Join the journey to #inclusiveWeb3 with our innovative #layer1 technology. These are the same events done twice!

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